World-class services

Our group consists of businesses that have forged a reputation for providing the highest quality of information about emerging markets through different prisms:

A broad range of services designed to meet all emerging market information needs.

Global macroeconomic data

Access to unparalleled coverage of 200+ economies around the globe. Helping analysts and economists make sense of the world economy.

Country economic data

Understand the performance of the world's most dynamic economies: Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, and Russia.

Company information

Comprehensive coverage of 9.7M+ emerging market companies, from the world's most trusted sources.

Industry Research

Deep-level analysis and statistics for strategic industry sectors from thousands of renowned sources.


Access to up-to-the minute news analysis from thousands of local, regional and global publications.

API's and Datafeeds

On demand access to our content delivered via your own interface and knowledge platform.

Business Development

Identify potential customers with access to a database of company information designed specifically for business development professionals.


A workflow solution designed to optimise and accelerate the knowledge gathering of compliance professionals.

On demand

Instant access to the specific content you need via our e-commerce solution.