In May 2018, CITIC Capital Partners and Caixin Global completed the acquisition
of ISI Emerging Markets Group.

About CITIC Capital

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Founded in 2002, CITIC Capital is a leading Chinese private equity firm with a global vision. The firm has USD $5bn of assets under management and an active fund of over USD $2bn. The company has completed over 50 investments in businesses across North America, Europe, Australia, China and Japan. Notable recent acquisitions include McDonald's China and Wall Street English. CITIC specialises in helping its portfolio companies reach their full potential through expansion in high growth markets such as China.

About Caixin Global


Caixin Global is part of a hugely influential Chinese media group that also include Caixin Media and Caixin Insight. As Caixin's English language outlet, Caixin Global creates many of the group's products and services that power critical decisions, move markets, and uncover truths in the fast-paced world of business and finance. Caixin Global serves global businesses and professionals who have interests in the world's second largest economy, and deliver credible business and financial news, information, insights and data.

Following the acquisition of ISI Emerging Markets Group, Caixin Global is taking the lead in leveraging related capabilities and resources from Caixin Media and Caixin Insight by jointly designing a series of financial data products suited for the Chinese market, and providing timely information and in-depth analysis for global users. The acquisition marks another crucial step for the expansion of Caixin Media's footprint in the financial data realm, following its introduction of the Caixin China PMI and establishment of Caixin Insight in 2015 and Caixin Global in 2016. Over the last three years, Caixin Media has implemented a dual strategy that combines traditional news with premium financial information and data services. Its English news products are read worldwide, and provide overseas institutional users with custom intelligence services. With the completion of this acquisition Caixin Media has advanced its dual strategy, and will expand its data networks and sales channels around the world.