For over 25 years, our businesses have gone out of their way to gather the very best data and analysis available for emerging markets. We believe we have a unique model that relies on local expertise and relationships, a quality assurance process that is second to none and the implementation of leading technology to deliver information in the ways our customers need it.

Our approach is neatly summarised by our In, On and For Emerging Markets mission statement:

In Emerging Markets

Unlike similar organisations, the majority of our employees are based in emerging markets, allowing us to establish an unrivalled level of expertise on these often opaque countries.

On Emerging Markets

We maintain a firm focus on providing our clients with information on countries that are classed as emerging markets. Over 90% of our 5,000+ content sources are from emerging markets.

For Emerging Markets

The majority of our clients are based in emerging markets. They use the information we provide to deepen their understanding of domestic markets as well as to support their regional expansion initiatives.
The number of information sources that feed the CEIC and EMIS platfroms
The number of content pieces available to our clients
The number of different languages we make our information available in

Global presence

We are a genuinely global business.
We have over 500 employees based in 18 offices in both emerging and developed countries.

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Mееt Our Team

Aloisio Parente Chief Executive Officer

Guy Dunn Chief Operating Officer

Jon Gardiner Chief Financial Officer

Juan Carlos Amaya Chief Technology Officer

Brian Mulligan Chief Marketing Officer

Chris Pearce Database Director

Diego Obere Chief Product Officer